Is a service for increasing profitability of mobile applications.
This is achieved by automating and speeding up processes related
to the acquisition of new active users and promoting the activity
of current ones.

Key Functionality
All of this features full automatic and refreshing regularly for your applications
RAW Data Collection
User data collected from trackers in RAW detalisation with events, conversions and User's IDs
LTV Prediction
Calculate 3-6-12 month LTV for every user of your app who using this more than one week
Audience Development
It's easy to create new audiences for users who took specific actions, goals or using (not using) app often
Audience Handover
Every created in SmallData audience could be automatically transfer to Advertising Systems
Core Users
SmallData automatically detects your core users who bring most money or events and create the audience
Launch static and real-time dynamical remarketing for any audience from SmallData with deeplinks
Sales to new users
Purchasing of installations from Facebook for a more profitable audience
The OHM SmallData's mathematical model automatically generates the core of application users — this is a segment of the audience that brings maximum revenue (or other target events).
The "core" of most payable users is automatically transmitted to an advertising system (for example, the Facebook) that generates a segment of similar users and filters out those who have already installed the application.

As opposed to searching users similar to all those who made target actions, the user "core" allows a more accurate forecast and a higher quality of purchasing.
+44% ROI to new user acquisition
(Yandex.Avia - flight search service)

Quick Google Adwords UAC training and buying conversion users
For applications in which conversions are generally not made during the first two days after installation, increasing the efficiency of Adwords UAC Action campaigns may take a lot of time. At the same time, the training quality is optimal if the conversion data are sent to Google during the first three days after installation.

OHM SmallData has a built-in model that forecasts, after 1-2 days from the application installation, whether a user will perform the target action within the next 30 days. The model precision reaches 95% with a recall of 75%.
Automatic transmission of data about actual and predicted conversions to Adwords using API allows the advertising system to quickly learn to buy the most useful audience and helps boost sales without increasing the cost-per-action.
Number of sales from new installations increased three times in three months without increasing the CPA (Mamba - dating application)

Increased sales to current app users
OHM SmallData allows remarketing campaigns to be automatically launched in different channels for any audiences created based on user behaviors and properties, region, or for the core of users.
Audiences are constantly updated when new data in mobile tracking systems are generated, and the audiences are automatically sent to advertising systems.
DoubleClick by Google is one of the best tools in terms of the range and quality of mobile remarketing tools. OHM SmallData users may launch campaigns directly on this platform without directly contracting with DoubleClick.

+195% orders with a 68% decrease in CPO in the user remarketing segment in 2 months
(Delivery Club - food delivery service)

The OHM SmallData service is free, we only charge a fee for buying traffic from the platform. The fee size varies depending on the platform.

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