OHM SmallData
Complete integration tool for Mobile Apps Trackers and Advertising Services. Creating audiences, conversions tracking, searching users core, LTV Prediction and synchronising data between Analytics and Advertising. Decrease price of user acquisition and grow business values
Key Functionality
All of this features full automatic and refreshing regularly for your applications
RAW Data Collection
User data collected from trackers in RAW detalisation with events, conversions and User's IDs
LTV Prediction
Calculate 3-6-12 month LTV for every user of your app who using this more than one week
Audience Development
It's easy to create new audiences for users who took specific actions, goals or using (not using) app often
Audience Handover
Every created in SmallData audience could be automatically transfer to Advertising Systems
Core Users
SmallData automatically detects your core users who bring most money or events and create the audience
Launch static and real-time dynamical remarketing for any audience from SmallData with deeplinks
Core Users
System allows to build an audience core, for example, by choosing users who have purchased something for the last 90 days.

The Core is being build automatically by means of mathematical model, allowing to find the exact part of the audience which is bringing a maximum amount of profit or other type of value.

What could you do with this audience?

1. Automatically upload Core Audience to Advertising systems for remarketing and increase user's engagement

2. Creating look-a-like audience in Advertising Systems (Facebook is recommended) who generated most value for you application and buy new payable users.

LTV Prediction
Machine Learning
The mathematical model educated on your historic data about events, goals, users, sources, etc.
Long time prediction
For each of new application users calculate 3-6-12-months LifeTime Value
Only 7-days for receive first predictions about new recruited user
Model re-learns every day with new user data for increase a prediction accuracy
Possibility of advertising channels segmentation by profitable for realising bidding strategies
Advertising Optimisation
Returning signal about goals and profit based on predictive LTV for attract most profitable user segments
Do you want to try?
OHM SmallData is in beta-testing now and free of charge untill 1 Jan 2018. Please, ask us to participate!
+7 495 2017 812
SmallData Is the product of OHM Solutions - technological advertising agency. Full stack of advertising: media, context and social networks

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