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Creating and managing campaigns across all major advertising platforms

A simple interface, comprehensive campaigns, analytics and predictable results
Flexible settings for creating campaigns
+ Analytics and conversion predictions
+ Ready templates
+ Aggregation of raw data
Through large advertising systems, we return users and motivate them for new purchases and other targeted actions
What we do
Core users
We know how to determine the core of target and "ideal" users for specific projects and campaigns. Based on the core, we build forecasts for campaigns and find similar users for further targeting
Audience creation
We capture and use user behavior patterns. Let's focus on user actions, not only on their socio-demographic profiles
Case studies
increase in in-app orders
as a result of remarketing campaigns 77% reduction in the cost of orders
Food Delivery App
Increased registrations of new game users
EVE Online
Increased the number of online and mobile sales
in 2 months increased ROI GMV (7 days) in the Sleeping Users segment (those who did not buy for more than six months)
Grocery Delivery App
High processing speed of big data. We consider the average path of users to targeted actions (be it a purchase, pre-order, installation, etc.), and build models of user behavior in applications. Based on the processing of this data and machine learning, we can predict customer churn or purchases, and marketing can plan activities based on customer interactions.
Machine learning
Visualization of customer behavior and sales funnels. We do not use complex graphs and charts, and we provide the desired analytics in an understandable format.

The large set of metrics simplifies interactions with data, but does not overload them.
Insights and analytics
We help you to optimize your advertising campaigns, cut costs, and not get bogged down with complex settings.

Perform only those actions that are focused on achieving your goals.


The builder allows you to quickly and easily set up creatives for campaigns in the same interface, without unnecessary design work and adapting it to the platform.

In addition, our system evaluates the effectiveness of certain creatives and campaigns so that the client can quickly correct them.
Our affiliate network has a huge reach, but without "black", "gray", and irrelevant traffic for the client. SmallData has a triple anti-fraud system that protects against junk traffic.

This allows clients to make large-scale campaigns only for those audiences that are of interest to them.

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