An easy-to-use service to create and manage audiences across all major advertising systems.

It allows you to quickly launch mobile remarketing and ad campaigns to get new installs.

All the features below are fully automated and managed via an interface
RAW Data Collection
Collecting raw data from mobile trackers broken down by events, parameters, conversions, and device IDs
Conversion and LTV predictions
Predicting the probability of conversions and LTV for 3, 6 or 12 months for each new application user
Audience creation
Creating any number of audiences in one click based on such criteria as actions, conversions or using (or not using) the application within a particular period of time
Audience Uploading
Each audience created in OHM SmallData is automatically transferred to advertising systems and updated on a daily basis
Core Users
Automatic search for core users with the highest profitability (or conversion) rates and their segmentation
Quick launch of static and dynamic remarketing across any created audiences using deep links
Sales to new users
Buying installs with Facebook ads for a more profitable audience
OHM SmallData’s mathematical model automatically generates the core of application users, which is a segment of the audience that brings maximum revenue (or generates other target events).
The core of users with the highest paying capacity is automatically uploaded to an advertising system (for example, the Facebook ad system) that generates a segment of similar users and filters out those who have already installed the application.

As opposed to searching for users similar to all those who have made the conversion, the core of users allows for making more accurate forecasts and improving the quality of purchasing.
+44% ROI in new user acquisition
(Yandex.Avia - flight search service)

Quick training of Google Adwords UAC and buying conversion users
For applications with typically no conversions in the first two days after installation, increasing the efficiency of AdWords UAC Action campaigns may take a significant amount of time.

The quality of training would be highest if the conversion data is sent to Google within the first 3 days after installation. OHM SmallData has an embedded mathematical model to predict, in 1 or 2 days after installation, a target action of a user within the following 30 days. The model’s precision rate reaches 95% with the recall rate of 75%.
Automatic transmission of data about actual and predicted conversions to AdWords using API ensures quick learning of the advertising system to buy the most valuable audience and helps boosting sales without increasing the cost of a target action.
Threefold increase in sales from new installs within three months with no rise in CPA (Dating Application)

Boosting sales to current app’s users
OHM SmallData allows launching remarketing campaigns automatically across various channels for any audiences created based on users' behavior, properties and region, or for the core audience.
Audiences are constantly updated based on new data in mobile tracking systems and automatically uploaded to advertising systems.
DoubleClick by Google is one of the best platforms in terms of the range and quality of mobile remarketing tools.

OHM SmallData users can launch campaigns on this platform without a direct agreement with DoubleClick.
+195% of orders with a 68% CPO reduction in the user remarketing segment in 2 months
(Delivery Club - food delivery service)

OHM SmallData has no subscription fee: we retain a commission of ad placement expenditures. Itemized costs are shown in the Statistics section of the interface.
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